FAQ – the most important questions and answers regarding tourism consulting.

Which companies does TOURISM RESULTS support in the tourism industry with its consulting services?2024-02-16T22:09:05+01:00

Clients are diverse and include hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, tour operators, other service providers in the tourism and leisure industry, as well as other companies in the tourism ecosystem.

How long does a consultation for a tourism business take?2024-02-16T22:15:21+01:00

The duration of my individual consulting services varies depending on the scope and complexity of the project. Whether it’s business coaching, brief analyses, preparation of studies or support for an entire project – the duration can range from a few hours to several weeks.

What services does TOURISM RESULTS offer in tourism consulting?2024-02-16T18:02:46+01:00

My services as a tourism consultant cover areas such as strategic planning, marketing, operations & controlling, as well as project development, project management, asset management, coaching and change management. Depending on needs and requirements, I provide support through individual coaching, accompany projects, prepare feasibility studies and business plans and budgets, and assist in budgeting or optimizing business results.

What is the customer journey in tourism and what does it involve?2024-02-27T18:14:22+01:00

The customer journey in tourism describes the complete path that a guest takes from the first contact with a tourism company to the evaluation of their satisfaction with the service they have purchased. Important stages of this journey are inspiration, research, booking, the actual travel experience and finally sharing the experience.

Does TOURISM RESULTS also provide support for digital projects for companies in hospitality and tourism?2024-02-16T22:57:30+01:00

Digitalization is an important component of a future-proof company. Yes, I support clients in achieving a higher level of digitization, both in administration and in sales and marketing, as well as in optimizing online presence.

Does TOURISM RESULTS also provide assistance with sustainable tourism issues?2024-02-16T22:14:16+01:00

Absolutely. TOURISM RESULTS supports companies in developing and implementing environmentally friendly strategies, focusing on sustainable business practices and positioning as a sustainable business.

What is customer experience in tourism?2024-02-27T18:16:10+01:00

Customer experience (CX) in tourism refers to all impressions and experiences that a guest experiences during their interaction with tourism service providers. It extends from the initial inspiration to the travel experience and encompasses all touchpoints of this process, with the aim of offering the guest consistently positive experiences.

What sets TOURISM RESULTS apart from other consulting firms in tourism?2024-02-16T22:08:15+01:00

TOURISM RESULTS stands out due to extensive experience in hospitality and tourism, especially in strategy, planning, marketing, and business recovery. We define goals and solutions together and implement them with hands-on quality, while you have only one point of contact guiding and supporting you.

6. How do I know if my company needs tourism consulting services?2024-02-16T22:08:33+01:00

If your company is facing challenges that cannot be resolved, if the necessary resources are lacking and the desired results are not being achieved, TOURISM RESULTS can bring about positive changes and support you in achieving your goals.

What about the confidentiality of sensitive information during the consulting process?2024-02-16T22:58:10+01:00

Confidentiality and trust are my top priorities. The privacy of my clients is paramount, and all data received during the counselling process is treated as strictly confidential and the utmost discretion is a matter of course.

How are the consulting fees structured?2024-02-16T22:58:44+01:00

After a free initial consultation, a quotation is prepared according to the specific requirements of the project. Transparent invoicing is based on hourly or daily rates plus any expenses incurred.

How can I find out if TOURISM RESULTS is the right partner for my challenges and issues?2024-02-16T22:56:46+01:00

Contact me via my website or by e-mail and we will arrange a free initial consultation. We will discuss your concerns together and I will show you possible steps for optimization and we will plan the exact structure of our collaboration.

Which geographical regions do the consulting services of TOURISM RESULTS cover?2024-02-16T22:57:10+01:00

The majority of customers are located in Austria, particularly in Vienna and the surrounding area. However, thanks to my international experience and language skills, I am also active internationally with projects and consultations.

Where in particular can TOURISM RESULTS provide support?2024-02-16T22:08:48+01:00

TOURISM RESULTS supports hotels, restaurants, and other tourism service providers, particularly in strategic planning and sustainable improvement of economic results, project management, digitalization, and sustainability projects, always with a focus on customer experience.

In which situations is tourism consulting particularly useful and important?2024-02-16T22:07:35+01:00

Tourism consulting is useful when there are unsolvable challenges, when a second opinion is needed, when there is a lack of expertise or time for projects, when conditions are changing, or when new approaches and technologies are necessary or desired. In all these situations, an external tourism consultant can offer valuable insights and solutions.

How can my company benefit from tourism consulting?2024-02-16T21:56:00+01:00

With many years of market and industry knowledge, I accompany my clients on their journey to increase operational efficiency, improve customer experience and sustainably and enhance business results. After a comprehensive analysis of the data and facts, we jointly determine goals and strategies, plan necessary measures and define control measures to achieve the goals.

How can tourism consulting increase the profitability of my company?2024-02-16T22:09:24+01:00

Tourism consulting brings new aspects, ideas and perspectives, additional know-how, shows alternative ways and can positively influence the profitability of your company. My many years of expertise ensure that projects are soundly analyzed and professionally solved.

What are examples of successful projects conducted in the past?2024-02-16T22:58:28+01:00

The list of my previous successful projects ranges from restructuring and reorganization of companies to repositioning, creating new structures, preparing studies, project management, individual coaching and optimizing results. References will be provided in a personal conversation.

In a free initial consultation, we will evaluate your current situation together and I will show you possible steps for optimization. Start now and let’s work together on your challenges. Start now and let’s work together on your challenges.

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