Creating Customer Experiences and Optimizing Results –

Goal-oriented consulting in hospitality and tourism


creating customer experiences and optimizing results –

goal-oriented consulting in hositality and tourism

Starting the journey to better results together

As an expert consultant and coach with a focus on customer experience, I offer efficient consulting services in hospitality and tourism from a single source. I invite you to leave your daily work routine for a moment and go on a journey with me. Together we will develop new ideas and solutions to improve your results. As a well-travelled companion on the way to better results, I ensure a structured process and make sure that we always keep your desired goal in mind.

Identify challenges and implement appropriate solutions

The demands and requirements of stakeholders such as customers, banks, and investors, that tourism companies face, are becoming increasingly complex and short-term.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • Respond to guests’ needs

  • Recruit, hire, and motivate employees

  • Carry out administrative tasks

  • Solve operational problems

  • Increase sales and find new customers

Are you short on time for projects like this?

  • Define goals and plan strategies

  • Create marketing concepts

  • Design and calculate budgets

  • Search for new distribution channels

  • Optimize company results

Here are some solutions. How can I support you?

Develop a new strategy

Develop and evaluate new ideas and strategies for the company. Jointly define goals and strategies for the business. Determine the necessary steps and time and financial constraints to achieve them.

Create business plan

Develop a business plan for the business or a project. Based on a proven structure, work out a marketing or business plan step by step based on the goals and strategies, including budget preparation and detailed activity planning.

Improve market presence

Strengthen the company's presence in the market. Evaluate the current situation and the company's presence on the market, jointly define the goals and develop measures to improve visibility, and implement the necessary activities.

Expand distribution

Search for and establish new distribution channels. Find new distribution channels and cooperation partners and ensure the company's long-term success by strengthening its national and international market presence.

Project planning

Check the practical feasibility of a new project, assess the market opportunities, and evaluate the financial viability. Accompany a project from the idea to its realization using professional expertise.

Prepare a budget

Draw up a budget with regular variance analysis to control operations. Develop a customized structure for the budget and create it in coordination with goals, strategies and necessary resources and enable regular monitoring of goal achievement.

Manage assets

Run and manage existing companies efficiently Manage investments profitably through efficient organization of operations, based on monitoring compliance with contracts, analysis and optimization of the cost structure.

Discuss topics

Personal business coaching for your important challenges. Discuss current issues and problems in regular coaching sessions. Finding new ideas and solutions and planning and implementing them.

Obtain second opinion

Get a 2nd opinion for an essential decision or a new project. Obtain the opinion of an independent expert and get a professional assessment of the chances of realization based on the existing documentation of a project.

Neue Strategie erarbeiten

Neue Ideen und Strategien für das Unternehmen schaffen und bewerten.

Gemeinsam Ziele und Strategien für den Betrieb definieren. Die notwendigen Schritte sowie die zeitlichen und finanziellen Rahmenbedingungen dafür festgelegen.

Businessplan erstellen

Einen Businessplan für den Betrieb bzw. ein Projekt ausarbeiten.

Auf Basis einer erprobten Struktur einen Marketing- oder Businessplan auf Basis der Ziele und Strategien, einschließlich Budgeterstellung und detaillierter Aktivitätenplanung Schritt für Schritt ausarbeiten.

Marktauftritt verbessern

Die Präsenz des Unternehmens am Markt verstärken.

Die aktuelle Situation und Präsenz des Unternehmens am Markt evaluieren und gemeinsam die Ziele definieren und Maßnahmen zur verbesserten Sichtbarkeit erarbeiten und die notwendigen Aktivitäten umsetzen.

Vertrieb erweitern

Neue Vertriebswege suchen und aufbauen.

Neu Distributionskanäle und Kooperationspartner finden und durch verstärkte die nationale und internationale Marktpräsenz den langfristigen Unternehmenserfolg sicherstellen.

Projekt planen

Ein neues Tourismusprojekt planen und kalkulieren oder ein bestehendes erweitern.

Durch professionelle Expertise die konkrete Realisierbarkeit eines Projektes prüfen, die Marktchancen einschätzen und die finanzielle Tragfähigkeit beurteilen und von der Idee bis zur Realisierung begleiten.

Budget erstellen

Ein Budget mit regelmäßigen Soll-Ist-Vergleichen für den Betrieb erstellen.

Eine maßgeschneiderte Struktur für das Budget erarbeiten und in Abstimmung mit Zielen, Strategien und notwendigen Ressourcen erstellen und ein regelmäßiges Monitoring der Zielerreichung ermöglichen.

Assets managen

Bestehende Unternehmen effizient führen und verwalten.

Durch effiziente Organisation der Betriebe, basierend auf Kontrolle der Einhaltung der Verträge, Analyse und Optimierung der Kostenstruktur Investments gewinnbringend managen.

Themen diskutieren

Persönliches Business-Coaching für ihre wichtigen Herausforderungen.

In regelmäßigen Coaching-Sitzungen aktuelle Themen und Probleme besprechen. Neue Ideen und Lösungen finden und deren konkrete Umsetzung planen und implementieren.

Second Opinion einholen

Eine 2. Meinung für eine Entscheidung oder ein neues Projekt einholen.

Die Meinung eines unabhängigen Experten einholen, und auf Basis der bestehenden Unterlagen eines Projektes eine professionelle Einschätzung über die Realisierungschancen erhalten.

Best support on the way to sustainably better results

I support you in mastering your challenges and finding satisfactory solutions. With my extensive market knowledge and experience in tourism in and outside of Austria as well as my critical eye for the essentials, we start our journey. Together we will focus on achieving results for your business in a sustainable way.

“Only he who knows his destination finds the way”


My Expertise

35 years of industry experience in hospitality and tourism.

My expertise ranges from strategy, planning, marketing, operations, controlling, change management to project planning and management.

My Approach

Finding solutions together

Define goals, illuminate problems, develop individual solutions and implement them together with the company in order to sustainably achieve the desired results.

Why Me?

Optimize results with a focus on customer experience.

My credo: Every company can improve its results through strategic planning and efficient implementation with a customer focus. I am your passionate companion on the entire journey to higher profits.





In a free initial consultation, we will evaluate your current situation together and I will show you possible steps for optimization. Start now and let’s work together on your challenges.

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In a free initial consultation, we will evaluate your current situation together and I will show you possible steps for optimization. Start now and let’s work together on your challenges.

Please make an appointment for a contact right here!